that was what today was : )

Yep, after all my nerves and getting up 2 hours late (!) Handm@de went perfectly!

We manged to still get into Oxford on time, the location was very easy for us, and then I managed to park ok, but is £15 really a good price for parking in Oxford all day!?!

Setting up my table was a bit of a mare, mainly because I was behind on labeling everything, mounting corsages etc, and so John really helped with this!

Once it was all set up, I think it all looked great, and at least thanks to my father in law I did have some way of showing my bags. They are a real pain, and I think I have to look at a better way of showing them in a way that they can be seen and touch, tried out etc.

The corsages as always were my best seller, so much so that I had John cutting out new ones while I sold 26!!!

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came and said hello, and told me they read this blog, it was a fantastic experience, and to meet people in the flesh was lovely too. It was just all so busy and mad, I’ve never had a fair like it, and wonderful that there are people out there who appreciate good quality handmade items!

If you want to see more photos of the event have a look at the Flickr group here.

Gosh I’m going on aren’t I! Well I have another fair on Tuesday evening in Winchester at St.Pauls Church, so if you are around please come and say hello!

Just a quick Baggy and school update, Baggy has had his stitches out, I’ve been trying to get a photo of him, but his colouring and the terrible light/weather has not helped this! On the school front, we have decided where we want Edward to go to secondary school, and this has made life so much easier for me, the decision was obvious, no wringing of hands, so smiley faces all around!

ps John, you were wonderful today, and made a great day even better x