brewing up

not a cup of tea mind you, more the brew of a craft fair!

Take yourself back to my blog here, and you will feel my excitement and joy at what a craft fair should be, now picture that in this building,


That building is Winchester Guildhall, and on Sunday 5 July it will become the third place to host a Handm@de Fair! And I’m organising it!!!

Doing Oxford was so good, and not being able to do the one in Cambridge is such a bummer, that I decided that I had to take the bulls by the horns and make it happen for me, near to me.
Winchester was the obvious location, wonderful buildings, free Sunday parking, a local population that is diverse, and lots and lots of tourists : )

Also that day, Sunday 5 July, for your diaries of course, ties in with the last day of the Winchester Hat Fair, the biggest theatre street fair in Great Britain!

So you will be hearing a lot more about this, so I will try to keep it interesting, I’m very excited, and I need to maintain that!!

If you would like more info, go to here, and if you know you already want a table, please e-mail

Hopefully tomorrow some sewing stuff, because that really has been lacking recently!