yep, itching created more stuff with Baggy on Monday, but I will come to that in a moment!

Last night I had the ‘Christmas Shopping Evening’ at St Pauls Church in Winchester, and to say it was different to the one in Oxford is a slight understatement!

There were at a maximum 20 tables, and at least half or maybe a bit more were ‘resellers’, now I’m not slating them, just explaining! The rest were people like myself who make, create handmade items, so it should have been a nice evening in a really lovely location, but no.

If anybody reading this ever is going to organise an event such as this, these are my suggestions;

Advertise!!! Stall holders do not expect to sell to one another all evening, they like to have proper customers!

Price the tables accordingly to the length and location of the fair, and how many people you expect through the door.

After charging your stall holders a small fortune, do not expect a raffle prize as well, maybe offer them a cheaper table and a raffle prize. Then remember to sell tickets to stall holders!

Think about your layout, so if you know you have one stall holder (Phoenix Cards for example) that will be very popular, put them at an end of other stall so everyone will have to walk past them.

If you are in a difficult location to park, think about that when organising the evening, also think about the hours you are offering, just because it is convenient for the organisers, doesn’t mean your customers will think so.


So please try to remember that, and then your stall holders might return and make a bit more than 90 pence!

Right Baggy!

He is currently sitting wedged between me and my laptop, I don’t think either of us are at all comfy!

As I reported last week Baggy had his stitches taken out, and all was fine over the weekend, but on Monday morning he had become a bit more flexible! Now he could reach the sealed wound, and lick it! And lick it so much, that he re-opened it! I guess it must have irritated him, or maybe he just wanted to do what comes naturally and clean himself.

So off to the vets again, and another small operation. If you are eating or drinking I would suggest that you come back later to read the rest!

After the draining of the abscess, they left a hole, and the fluid that had come out had been clear, or just a bit bloody, well inside there was more than this that greeted the vets! There were chunks of solid pus!! Urgghhhhhh, and they had to pick all these pieces out and flush out the wound again and make sure it was as clean as possible. they also removed the stitches that had been holding some of his muscle together as they though this may have aggravated the infection. His muscles have gone back together well so this was ok.

So here he is, a neater wound, more stitches, now in lovely blue nylon, and he had to have more fur shaved! He doesn’t look great does he! And of course this is all topped off with the the highly fashionable plastic cone collar!

This is the thing which is most annoying for him and us, he bangs into stuff, and finds it quite hard to eat, and the first night he was back I had to sit on the kitchen floor with a spoon with his food on!

So he will be like this for maybe another 10 days : ( Then, I hope, I really do that it will be done for him, he wants to go outside and be normal again, and you can’t really explain to a cat why he can’t do those things : (

Right onto lovely things, corsages, and Etsy etc. I have lots of new corsages to list, I will try to do this over the next few days. I have also adjusted all the prices in my shop, as they had all gone a bit haywire since the exchange rate changed so dramatically!

I will do another post when the corsages go into the shop : )