Festival of Crafts

October 19th, 2014

Hello, long time no see, or word, or posts or pretty much anything!

However I do want that to change!

If you are visiting me for the first time after seeing me at the Festival of Crafts, then thank you for taking the time to see me there, and coming here to find out more about me.


I will be adding more information soon, new things I’m making, so please do come and visit me again. You can also find my work available to buy on Not on the High Street, in my shop.

on a roll

June 16th, 2013

today has been a day of making and waiting, making these,

and waiting for the cricket to start : ) I have to admit, for me, there is nothing better than sewing and listening to cricket, it is the perfect match.

So I have gone back to the series of purses that I started last year, these were all cut out and ready to go, so it’s been really enjoyable making these. I also made a little bag last night as a present,

I made it really quickly and it was so satisfying, based on my little tote pattern you can find here, remember if you do use it, it is for personal use only!

So busy, busy, maybe me trying not to think that in 10 days time I’ll being doing a 1000 mile round trip for work that will have me driving to Leeds and then Scotland! Eek!


June 15th, 2013

I’ve just completed something similar, but something new, totes, with matching purses.

Often when I create things they are done purely on what I would need in an item, from a bag to a brooch, but recently I noticed that one of my work colleagues, who has quite a few handbags, had a matching smaller bag/purse that goes with the larger handbag.

That set me to thinking, all of my tote bags have pockets, so maybe I should make something to go in that pocket.

So here we are, matching totes and purses, there are four in total, they won’t be going on my Not on the High Street shop because they are one offs, and I should get them on Etsy, but taking photos has always been an issue, and I’m still not set up for that, but I need to be!

So they will be at Tweseldown with me next Saturday, or if you are interested, please leave a comment below, and I will be in touch

a little bit more

May 19th, 2013

made a couple more purses yesterday, even though I feel like pants, rotten head cold! These are really small again, 4″ zip, and padded, so very cute, I think!

unless I keep making my work won’t improve, so I’m going to try to be less distracted and more focused….

I always find it easier in the spring to get going, and this activity remains until Christmas, I now have to accept that between Christmas and the start of April my brain doesn’t work very well, let alone be creative!

These purses will be available to buy from next weekend at Tweseldown Artisan Market, and as they are currently a limited item, they may end up on Etsy! What a shocker that would be!

Going to try and make some new tote bags today, and also finally use some of the fabric John got printed for me, so hopefully something else to show off soon!

making slowly

May 14th, 2013

very small purses, well only 4″ zip….

I like it, I might make some more…

In other news, bathroom is painted in Lemon Tree, and very lovely it is too, maybe when I have got a new toilet roll holder and other stuff, I can take a photo, or maybe bathrooms need to stay private?

Next room to decorate, downstairs loo?


April 15th, 2013

it should be my sewing machine

it should be something useful

instead it is a brain that is stopping the two above from doing some good, it’s boring me now…


April 14th, 2013

Some people aren’t very good with change, I know a few people who don’t fare with it well, however recently I have been accused of it, which was aimed at me being unable to make creative changes, but I’ll come to that in a minute.

Having Edward, and then William, my/our life has been constant change, like any one with a small child, though a child with special extra requirements, and one requiring surgery before the age of one, does sort of make your life a bit of a mystery tour! Life is constantly evolving, new schools, new challenges, and even though this year William starts secondary school, I feel pretty confident that we can all deal with the changes ahead of us.

While on holiday we bought a dresser for our kitchen in Tavistock, and had it shipped up to Hampshire : ) If you are ever in Tavistock, check out Odds and Suds, a really lovely shop, handmade soap and vintage/antique furniture!

Before the dresser arrived, we knew that we finally had to decorate our kitchen, which we have lived with since we moved in, 11 years ago!
It was just one of those things, it just seemed like too much hard work!

But now it is done, and I’m glad we made the change to make it happen!

So creative changes, that is a tricky point, I really enjoy creating things using my own handmade felt, and the other fabrics I use like linen, I like learning how to do new things, and experimenting. But, should you make creative changes for the sake of it?

I don’t think you should, I think being creative is like a long afternoon walk through woods, you go along different paths, some lead to a pretty pond, or some come to a dead end, so you have to go back. But it is something that is fluid, and develops slowly, and by not being pushed.

If I created textiles as my full-time job, it would be different, but I make because I enjoy making, and I have made choices recently to maintain that level.

So am I a stick in the mud with my creativity? Well we’ll see in a month or so, when I can show everyone my new work, though I’m sure someone will just say it just the same as all my other stuff!

Catching up

March 18th, 2013

This blog, my site, has been a bit neglected over the past year, and I can’t pretend that I’m suddenly going to turn a new leaf, and start to update it regularly, because I probably won’t be able to maintain that.

I do need to generally need to sort myself out, some things have slipped, though not as bad as previous years craft wise, but other stuff, like work.
I now have a job where I can’t take my eye off the ball, if I do, well it’s crap. And, I don’t want to make it difficult for my colleagues : ( Sorry about any grief that I have caused…..

But enough of the remorse, and a look forwards…

I had been booked in to do the British Craft Trade Fair this year, but last week I (and John helped me) made the decision to withdraw. I lost the money, but I have retained my sanity, which I was slowly losing a connection with.

What has come from this though is that I need to sew, it gives me something that nothing else can, which is no slight on anyone or anything else in my life. I now have lots of great new starting points, a massive pile of linen and wool suiting to use, and a new assistant, John!

John has also taken another massive pressure from me, Handmade! This is wonderful, he is doing a fantastic job, so much better than me!

If you saw me at Handmade last year, or in the immediate aftermath, you would have seen what a wreck I was, emotionally and physically. I think what has happened over the past couple of years shows that it doesn’t matter how much planning you do, things will always change, so you just have to roll with it.

I know I’m waffling, but it is good to get some of this stuff out there, so I will try to update this, maybe monthly (?) but lets wait and see : )


August 15th, 2012

Eddie you was a crazy kitten, and you never became a boring cat…

We all miss you very much, and now you can rest in peace xxxx

getting up to speed

August 12th, 2012

It seems incredible that the Olympics are about to end, and very sad.

I’m really proud to say that we took part as spectators, on the first day at Eton Dorney, we witnessed an Olympic record by Helen Glover and Heather Stanning in the first heat of the morning, and for them to go on to win Gold, it was an amazing feeling. It was a beautiful day, sunny with a little breeze, perfect regatta weather.

For me, when I was learning to row/scull, there were really no British female role models, and no British women had won gold prior to this Olympic regatta, so to be there and witness part of this huge step forward, was amazing.

Also the Olympics are tied into a change in my life, a new job!

I started last Monday, after having a week off to do stuff with the boys, and watch lots of sport! It was great to have a week with no pressure, and I made loads of felt while listening to the Olympics on 5Live : )

So, my new job, well it is a step up, it is more challenging, and stimulating, and come last Friday my brain was totally overwhelmed, but it was great and to be told that everything was going well, and they were pleased with my contribution, it was amazing, makes you have faith in people again, after putting up with quite a lot of rubbish in the past!
Another big benefit is the travel for the job, instead of doing a 60 mile round trip everyday, I will have a 4 miles round trip! And I can come home at lunchtime, whoooo!

So now, the Olympics are almost over, for the next two weekends, I will be taking part in Hampshire Open Studios, and for the third year I will be at Pennys studio in Whitchurch you can also find out more about the whole event here

I will have all my normal pieces available to buy, and limited edition tote bags too. I will also be doing felt making demos on 18th, 19th and 25th every afternoon. So please come down and see how I make felt, how we all work, and you will be able to buy our work too, so come and support your local designer/makers!