where does it all go?

I can’t believe this is my first post this week, but I really do feel that I have not stopped at all!

Today is Edwards 10th birthday, and he will have some friends round later for some film watching and popcorn eating : )

So much has been going on, but a brief catch-up!

Baggy has had an abscess, which has been drained, they think it was due to something yukky that happened when he was shot. He still has hole to let it continue to drain, and it has, all over me last night! He goes to the vets tomorrow for a check up.

Visited another school this morning for Edward for a secondary school, very impressed, another visit to a different school tomorrow!

Sunday is handm@de, am I ready, no I’m not! Panic has begun to set in! Have made loads of felt for corsages!!

Tomorrow night is book group, I have another 300 pages to finish it, will I? NO! We were given an extra month, but I’m sorry Nelson Mandela I cannot finish you at the moment!

That is a small amount of all the stuff that is going on, sorry it has been so short, but now have to go and hoover and tidy for Edwards friends to come round!!