Almost a year…

It’s been a while, but I always seem to be saying that, maybe given the current situation that might change?
I’m not going to go on about that, except that as everyone is probably experiencing, it is odd, confusing and so many unknowns. Within our family, there should have been easy decisions to make, but either they have been taken away, or made so complicated you almost don’t know where to start. I’m sure that this is the same for everyone.

Many positives are sitting alongside the unknowns, and I’m going to be looking at those for the moment!

We’ve finally got round to photographing the purses that I created with Johns print last year, and I launched at Thread at Farnham Maltings.

Sunshine Family
Rainy Family

This year John revisited an old print, which he reprinted, and created a new one for me, so I now have the Lavender and the Nettles range. I’ve wanted a Lavender print for some time to work with, and he has it spot-on. The print has also enabled me to create lavender bags which I’m delighted to have been able to make. They come as a set of two, with hanging tags so that they can go in your wardrobe or a drawer.

It is excellent to get them out there finally and to share with everyone.


Earlier in the year, I had pretty much decided to close my Not on the High Street shop, but I’ve decided to give it another year and see how I get on. The shop is now the only place you can buy my Poppy Purses and Corsages online, plus my new purses. The new purses are also available via Johns Folksy shop, as they are a collaboration between us, we felt that to keep everything on-brand it was the best place for them to be!


Other than that, I’m finally doing all the things that have slowly built up, when you are continually doing events, working full-time, making stuff, and being a parent it is amazing how quickly you develop a backlog of things!

Hopefully, when we have a better idea of what is going on, I can share another post with you, or, I might do an old-school waffly post, like the old days!