some subtle changes

I have recently been having selling problems, ie not selling anything since 1st May. Now I know I have had a shop commission, and I’m currently working on another commission of which you will see a bit in a minute, but…..

But the big thing for me is selling my work directly to the customer, and after a successful April, May has been a big damp squib! So of course this has of course led to many discussions between myself and my beloved : )
Also when making my bag for myself I really discovered that I personally don’t want bright flowers all over everything, and I would like some subtlety, which of course then led us to thinking about my designs. (by the way, thanks for all the feedback on that bag, and the adjustable strap, now thinking about that a bit more!)


Should I really be making designs that I would not personally use? Are my designs too childlike? Am I just being a tad dramatic? : )
So I have decided that I’m going to make some bags, ready for Handm@de, that will be more subtle, and the sort of thing I would use, not just stuff I hope people will buy and like!


So you can expect some brightness next, as I have about 8 half finished bags, but then, maybe a bit more subtle!

The two images I have used are from the commission that I am currently working on, when they are finished I will show you, and one will probably be available to buy in the shop!

Also I’m not going to change the prices just yet in my Etsy shop, even though with the pound getting stronger the true price of my creations has gone down, so get in there quick, before I change my mind!!