a pleasure

somethings I make are a real pleasure, from beginning to end, everything goes smoothly, no grumbles, just nice, and these two bags clearly for me come under that category : )


A few days ago I was asked via an Etsy conversation if I could make a bag for a special occasion based on a jacket that had been bought, I jumped at the chance because it gave me a chance to work with the more muted colour palette I was talking about yesterday.

So I have made two bags, the one she has chosen is the one above, with the three leaves, and the other one will go into the shop very soon, here it is,


I really like both of them, they are across the body bags, and sit on the hip, but have fixed length straps, suitable for someone 5’6″ and up probably : ) It is £12.50 plus £1.60 P&P (UK, international would be a bit more). If you are interested in the one above, please let me know via the comments and I will get back to you.

As I said it has been a pleasure making them, so more bags soon, and probably lots more works in progress too!

Ooo, almost forgot, I will have to be raising my prices on Etsy after the weekend, I was shocked when I checked the converted prices!! So get in there quick because from Monday they will all be going up a little!!