new design

well I guess that would be a little bold, it is a variation : )


I don’t often make bags as prototypes and then use them myself, I guess because I’m a ‘stick in the mud’ and like what I already have, but I wanted to make myself a bag to take to ATP, so I made this new hip bag.

It is lined and padded, including the strap which was really comfy to use, the flap almost completely covers the front of the bag, so I did not add any extra fasteners. I’ve lined it with a lovely fabric from Ikea and taken the influence from that to produce the embroidery on the front.

It worked really well all weekend, felt comfy, and so I’m happy, but would you buy a bag like this? It sits on my hip nicely and I’m 5′ 7″ so would I make a standard one like this, or maybe two lengths? I don’t want to get into adjustable straps because i don’t think I could do the padded strap then.

So any feedback would be gratefully received!