how many things…

oh yes, too many, and sorry it seems to have been so long!

1. The site is now working again! But, and there had to be one, we found the problem, and it was the ‘Pay it Forward’ post that did it, but I do know the three, and I will do a post about that in the next few days!

2. Where are the bags?! Well here are some,


There are 14 of them in total, 7 of each sort, and tomorrow I need to sew all their tops up : )

I have also made three pieces of felt tonight to make corsages with. This is all for….

3. Christmas Shopping Evening in Winchester tonight, it is tonight now as it is 00.25am according to my computer right now! I’m really not ready, but it does mean that,

4. I have made all my listings on Etsy inactive ready for the fair.

5. I’m no longer employed by Paperchase, but today I’ve worked my socks off, and it has been an INSET day too, but considering his recent behavior, William was very good : )

6. I think I ought to go to bed, though Edward has just woken up, so maybe I won’t be going to bed just yet!!!