about last night… and this morning

isn’t that a film, and a daytime tv show : )

Well lets deal with last night first, I managed to complete the bags in time, and finished they look like this,


and of course you can find them in my Etsy shop : )

But I did not sell one bag, nope not one, I think they were too expensive for the good ladies of Winchester, but nevermind, you live and learn, and I may adjust my prices accordingly for my next two, we shall see.

However the night was not a disaster, I had a couple of glasses of mulled wine, very nice, and I sold 11 corsages!! Oh yes, my hunch was right, and all day Tuesday sticthing and cutting was totally worthwhile : )

These are a couple of the ones that didn’t sell, and are also now listed on Etsy,




So a good evening, and now I have to finish three half made bags, do a special commissioned bag, and make more corsages!

Ok, onto this morning : ) It was another meeting about the angel that is William! Well he is no angel at all at the moment, and we have having a hard time with him at home, as well as they are at school, so I had no problems with what they told me their plans are, it all seems fine to me.


and you knew there would have to be one….

It now appears that members of the teaching staff at Williams school read my blog, Hello!!! The head teacher had a word with me about it this morning : P

Now I knew in the past that Edward told his LSA about it, and she reads it and even left the odd comment or two, which I really do appreciate, obviously the ones who have looked recently fall into the ‘lurker’ category, and well that is fine too : ) But, they have taken things I have written about school, Williams situation and my annoyance very personally, for which I’m sorry.

But, the way I’m looking at this is this, I’m already on the outside at school, I have had one ‘difficult’ child move to a special needs school, I now have another child being, to put it bluntly, ‘a pain in the arse’, and I don’t live in the village. I’m very much on the edge, a few mums talk to me, which I really appreciate, but on the whole I don’t have many people to talk to about my experience of the school other than you lot, sorry that sounds a bit off, but ‘you lot’ know what I mean!!

So I’m not going to stop talking about school, however, I will try to turn down my meanness, lol!!!!

Does that seem fair?