it is here, brrrrrrrr….


and even more brrrr….


Next week I have my first craft/shopping event, whooooo! It is at Western Primary School in Winchester, and is between 7.30 and 9.30 pm on Tuesday 20th, come along if you are in the area : ) So I have to work hard on my stuff, and lots too, becuase when I look around I don’t seem to have much to take : (

Also today I have looked at the last posting dates for Christmas, and it is as follows;

to the UK – 20th December

to Europe – 13th December

to the USA – 10th December

to the rest of the world – 7th December

now of course I may be able to send after those dates, but can makes no promises on if it will get to you before Christmas, I think sometimes they are too cautious, but this is the Royal Mail, and they work in strange ways : )