no photos

that’s right, again no photos, but I have the urge to write a post, so I shall : )

Today I have not touched any fabric, I have been toy sorting – argh! We are coming up to Birthday and Christmas time, so it has to be done!

But I have thinking about feedback I have had, and two bits really. One is from my mum, and another, I think Kim? About putting my pieces of other items, such as cushions, so I have bought some cushion insides and I’m going to have a play soon with those.

The other feedback from a few people I really respect is in regard to the prices I can for my work, my creativity. How much is right, how much do you pay for someone else creativity? Am I pricing myself too low, when I had thought it was too high. Would I get more respect for the value of the work that has gone into each item? Dunno, answers on a postcard to the usual address!

Today I’m listening to the new album by Menomena, and it is fab, it is called Friend or Foe and I guess it is a bit like Arcade Fire, but better!!

Book Group tonight, we have been reading Stephen Frys, Moab is my Washpot, and I have loved reading it, a real pleasure, and he swears with such style!