I hear you

I know what you are saying, especially you greenolive !! I guess I’m looking for the Holy Grail with my creative work, and not quite finding yet, the rabbit is stopping me : )

So as a bit of a change, I will include some links to sites that I have either only just discovered, or simply forgot to share with the few of you who probably have not seen them already!

Kirin Notebook, I have recently acquired some of Lara amazing fabric, just gorgeous work, really inspiring. She has also done designs for Moo as well, fab!

Now I’m sure I’m teaching Granny how to suck eggs, but if you have never heard of Lotta, where the dickens have you been!!

One of the places I buy my Japanese fabric from has now got their own shop, have a look at nuno plus, great zakka fabric : )

Another fantastic site for inspiration is print & pattern, great stuff, especially if like me you don’t live near a big city where you can actually see the stuff in the flesh!

To finish off with two blogs, I wish I wasn’t so messy, and maybe I will achieve my goals, one day! But looking at the these two make me think, one day, one day I will manage it, two straight lines and six and a half stitches

I hope some of them might be new to you, and if not a nice reminder.

To you greenolive , you thought I’d done it again, another post with a photos, well ha, a very thin one!