sore throat and some Flickr links

I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself : ( I have a sore throat, and it seems to be hurting more now than a couple of hours ago : ( But life goes on : )

I have no new pieces to share with you, but I must a big thank you to everyone who has commented on my recent stuff! All experiments really, probably when I try harder they will not turn out as well!

So I thought I would share with you some of the my Flickr contacts with you. Many of my contact already have links about them down the side panel, and I have spoken about them before, so I hope all of these are new. I have where possible linked to their blogs, and from there you can explore : )

Moonstitches, 2 things, she makes the most incredible items out of fabric, and secondly, she makes me want to be in Japan right now with all that blossom!

Sugarloop, stunning Gocco prints, I love her illustrations, and one day, one will be mine!

Syko, more wonderfulness from fabric, including ‘ugly’ fabric : ) I love her style, really flowing and a great feel too.

Cupcakes for Clara, Laura doesn’t have a website at the moment, but will do soon, she has recently won at the Softies awards with this in the Functional category. I love her illustration style and her softies, can’t wait for her site to be live : )

tsktsk, wonderful illustration again!

Catarina, amazing clothes, shoes and fantastic photography of all of her work which really sets it apart from most of the craft on Flickr.

Miaki, quirky and very cool softies : )

Sarah Hornick, well what can I say, her work is truly amazing and inspiring, and soon I will be receiving one of her wonderful creations, I’ve included a Flickr link for her, simply for you to enjoy her great beads : )

I hope that I might have shown you some stuff you haven’t seen before, and if not tell me where I can find some more great sites!