a shallow dish

I have made another piece of 3-d felt, this time a shallow dish,


John took these for me, you can tell, can’t you!


on my previous post regarding the pot, I have been asked how I made it, well the secret for both of these two comes from Sweden! Yep, Ikea!!


I used these! For the pot I used the clear beaker. I just wrapped and layered the merino rovings with a mixture of hot water and soap until I got to a thickness I was happy with and then I slid it off and finished the inside as well as the outer side. It worked really nicely, so I decided to try with a bowl!

This time I laid it in the inside of the bowl, and repeated the process. I worked on the inside, then took it out, put it onto the outside of the bowl, and worked on the outside. The dish is very very soft, and very shallow, but it is a start!

And as John took one of the pot, here that is as well!


mmmm soft : )