something special

Custom orders are always a struggle for me, terrifying but exciting.

Maybe the thought that someone actually wants me to make something for them is part of that, the lack of belief in my own ability. Often the fear is not so much about the creative aspect, but the technicalities of it, so the laptop case I can now share with you is the perfect example of that fear!

Back in October of last year, I was commissioned to create a case to fit in a 17″ laptop, that’s a big laptop! Once I had the dimensions I made a model in cardboard as I was so worried about the size, and ensuring that the case would be large enough. I was very stressed by this, and it was only this week when it was confirmed that it was in use did I feel like I could finally relax!

So now it’s in use and being used I can share some images of it, it’s based on my orbits range, but as you will see a bit more full on!





For all my fears and stress I really enjoyed the embroidery and then making it up, it came together really well, and I now have other new things to work on, but my sewing machine is off for a very long overdue service, as soon as it’s back I’ll be sewing again.