That’s what I’ve done, normally as a result of the following;

  1. ooooo what a bargain, I’ll have ‘1/3/5/insert number here’ metres of that please
  2. I don’t want to be short of that fabric, I’d better buy more just in case
  3. That fabric is perfect for something I haven’t put much thought into…


zips and fabricand zips too, but I do feel I have an excuse for those, they were for a range I believed there was a market for, I was wrong

Having ‘ranges’ was as a result of Not on the High Street and the stupid pressure I put on myself to conform to what I felt that was expected. Looking back I was right, there is a level of expectation, but I was never going to reach those heady delights of being a big seller on there.

So, now I find myself with a great deal (underestimation) of fabric, I’ve got some ideas, a shape, and some zips, and I’m going to have a play, I doubt it will be ready in time for this Saturday at the Monthly Market, but anything that starts me off before the end of January has got to be a good thing, normally it’s at least April before I feel the sewing love!

Hopefully, see some of you on Saturday, John has his new Valentines card, it’s lovely!