a weird feeling

I cannot think of a better way to title this, because knowing I can actually run without dying, does create a weird feeling in me.

I started the Couch to 5K in the summer of 2016. I’d been walking for a while and doing lots of miles, but I wanted to do more, and I cannot deny I was inspired by the This Girl Can campaign. For the first time, I really felt that I could do more, be in control, and achieve something that I never thought possible, to be able to run.

So I started the plan and soon after I started my new job. The running was a secret for a long time, I didn’t want to spoil it or ruin it, or worse since hype myself up and then stop doing it. All crazy, but it’s the way my brain works!

It went pretty well, and as I got more confident I started to share my experiences, both with friends, and the crazy world of Instagram where I discovered that there was an amazing community of every time of runner/jogger/stumbler and support. This really helped me, I suddenly realised that I wasn’t as crap as I thought I was, and whatever I did it was better than doing nothing at all. If you are looking to start and feel like you need a friendly virtual hug, follow Jemma or Fiona, simply because they don’t sugar coat it, they don’t just share ridiculous perfect images, it’s all very real and most importantly, normal!

2017 was the year I broke through the first barrier, to complete the plan confidently and to be able to consistently run 5k and that is still the most important thing.


I haven’t managed to do some of the other things yet, on my list of things to do I still need to complete my first Parkrun, which is becoming my running elephant in the room. I’m still terrified of running on grass, feeling like I could fall over, and worst of all, in front of loads of people, stupid I know!

I now work with people who can and do run, one is doing the London Marathon, eeks, but rather than be scary they are all supportive and don’t mock me, I think that has boosted my confidence and has definitely encouraged me…

So much so that I have now signed up for my first race… I’m going to be taking part in the Winchester 5k Race for Life on 3rd June. I know it’s a long way off, but it is something I need to work to, and everyone needs a starting point and that’s mine. If you would like to support me, please do visit the page, any donations will make a difference, to me mentally and more importantly for Cancer Research!

I want to try and do a Parkrun before then, but on my terms, and that is still the issue, I’m not fast, I do go very red in the face, I also run alone early in the morning, see a theme here? However, most importantly running gives me a great boost, but that will be for another post!

If you want to follow my ‘running’ journey, best to follow me on Instagram, I do take other photos, sometimes! But my #bestnine2017 were all running related photos!


If I can do it, anyone can!