three in a bed!

Yes, my son has kidnapped the monster!!!!


So here it is in bed with Penguin and Wibbly Pig! Next week it will be making the trip to school for Show and Tell. I had said that I would make him a pinky one without ears, but I didn’t think he would want this one!

Also thank you all for your kind words about my family, especially my Dad and John, John is now okish, he ate a Magnum last night, so he can’t be that bad!!

My Dad, well, dunno really, out of hospital, has to go back as an outpatient for a barium meal soon, until then I guess we will be none the wiser, though I think he has scared him, so he has eaten more carefully the past couple of days, BUT, has still smoked his cigars!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHH! Parents eh!