it has been a long time, a long time for me to write an entry, I think I hit a wall, and I really couldn’t see past, and when I tried to look again and again I just saw piles of rubbish, I am of course describing my brain!

Things have been hard work here, and it seems to have been never ending as well, when I build up the energy I will try to work it all out in a blog entry/post, as I think it will probably help to order my brain and other stuff.

However, I have made another little friend, I don’t want to call him a monster, because I think that would hurt his feelings too much, because I think he is a little pensive and shy….


He has a not-sure sort of smile, and a quite chubby face, he needs a hug too, even though he is only 8 and a half inches tall.

Hubert needs a bit more love……

If you would like to love Hubert a bit more please mail me at raspberry(@)raspberry(.)co(.)uk. I haven’t sorted out a price for him yet, I feel slightly cruel for doing so, but mail me, and we shall sort it out!