last night William had his first of his milk teeth to fall out!


This cause much excitement, and also for Johns feet to go very cold! This was because we had no warning it was going to fall out, not even William was aware, and John was brushing his teeth at the time, even writing about this now makes my back go all cold and tingly!

So this meant that the tooth fairy came to visit : ) And so today we had to spend the money that she left because he could not hold onto it! Now there is not much you can get for a £1 except for things he already has, or sweets which to be honest didn’t feel totally appropriate!

So we browsed around, nothing until we saw something in the sale at ELC, oh yes, it was perfect, and very appropriate,


She was in the sale, so a bargain price, but not quite a £1, so I helped him out! She laughs as well, so even more of a bonus, and has a removable dress, so guess what I’ve got to do!

He has been through my stash, and has chosen this,


So Lola will have a dress in the same fabric as Pink Monster! William is very happy, only problem is with this he now feels that he has to talk sometimes in a comedy voice as he has lost his tooth, bless him!