a new monster, and it is for sale!

Yep, a flowery one!


It doesn’t have a name 🙁 I’m not very good at naming things, so it is nameless until it has an owner 🙂

Also it is an ‘it’, lokks quite boyish, but very flowery! So lots of not sures on that!!!


It is 20 cm tall, and lovely and squishy, with felt eyes and heart, and a thready mouth, so it is not suitable for under threes, but it might freak them out 🙂

As this is my first experience of making and selling such an item, it is £8 plus £1.50 to post within the UK, £2.50 for the rest of the world.

Please e-mail me at raspberry(@)raspberry(.)co(.)uk(.) if you are interested 🙂