Blimey and wow, do I overuse these? No, not this time!

no I do not, I try not to use them lightly either! Today I had a list of things to write about on the blog, but they now have to come later! Because of this!


Oh yes! She is divine! and I have called her Raspberry, but they may get shortened to Berry! she is so soft and wonderful and lovely and and the list goes on!!! Julie you are wonderful, and she will sit beside me while I’m tapping away at the laptop. She is a lovely early birthday present, as that leads me onto the next thing I was going to write about on here today.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and last night we were deciding what to do, and my sons wanted to go to a science place nearby…hmmm… not really what I wanted to do, so we have now decided that we are going up to London, they will go to the Science Museum with Daddy and Nana, while I go to the V & A!!! Hooray! So if anyone has an suggestions about particular bits to look at, please let me know!

I would also like to say a big thank you for all the support that I have recieved through this blog over the past year or so. A couple of days ago I posted about my son, and a visit to his school, well good and not so good came out of that, and I will write more about that soon.

But it is so great to feel that I have support from so many of you, and that what I do is appreciated outside of our home, so thank you all 🙂

On my last post Beth left a comment asking about the fibres in the piece, I had forgotten to say what they were, what a plum! So, yes, there is Hemp in there, quite a lot actually, maybe too much. There is also silk, silk noil, wool neeps uncarded fleece, and lots of natural undyed English wool rovings, with a little bit of Welsh mountain sheep rovings too. I hope that helps.

Wow, now if you have managed to read all of this you are even more amazing than I thought!!!

cup of tea calling…….