golden grass?

a new piece of felt, and a name that I’m not sure about!


I’m trying out ideas, but I want to this work as a whole piece, rather than end up turned into other things like more recent pieces of felt I have made.

As I said yesterday I’m now planning for what I need to do this year, so I’m going to try and work through some themes, and do some experimentation, so I hope some that comes out of it will work!

Here is a nice close up I managed to get in this lovely dull weather !


You can see it’s those wool neeps again! I think in the next piece I will hold myself back from using them!

I hope that I will be able to work on this piece further today, or over the next few days, I hope 🙂

But now I need a cup of tea!

PS if you are wondering where the side bar is …. well it is right at the bottom of the page! someone is meant to be fixing it!