Had a great time in the V&A, even though I was only in there for about 2 and a half hours, very intense!


I directed my efforts at the sections I was really interested in, so mainly upstairs, shame that the jewellery and ceramics sections are currently shut, but I guess you cannot have everything 🙂

One thing I was suprised by, and I guess I should not of been, was in the fashion section. They currently have a 60s special exhibition running as well, some nice things, and they also have some amazing outfits, including a stunning cloak with amazing embroidery, I did photograph, but it came out awful. However I’m wandering in my thoughts, the point I’m getting to is this!

I walked round this whole section a number of times, but everytime I walked past one certain dress it had more people looking in awe than any of the others, guess which one, well it was designed and made by Catherine Walker, and the dress in question is on the link page, the top right one. Now it’s a lovely dress, and I guess quite famous, however it is nothing special compared to most of the other pieces in there, and there is another one of her designs in there which is far superior. But, it is the link to that person which takes it to another level, and I really don’t get that, am I the only one?

Right back to the day! I didn’t really have enough time, well that is clear, I mean 2 to 3 hours is not enough in any art museum in London! However I knew that I had to got to the Science Museum to rescue my husband and mother-in-law from the clutches of the boys! Well not rescue, but just go to their aid!Well when I got there, I think the adults were more pleased to see me!

The boys were just hyper, mainly from tiredness, but also overstimulation.

They were hiding under these slatted seats, which they were crawling under and looking up at people! But they were so tired, and my question is, how do you do it, how do you do London with children and not all of you end up totally whacked out mentally and physically, or is it just my children that do this to their parents.

How do you do London and return with some sanity and strength left?

Over to you, I will return when I have more energy, and don’t fell so bloated after a weekend of birthday cake eating!