Happy New Year!

No photos today, pretty dull here, weather wise of course!

The kids are back at school, and so now I have to begin to think about all the other things, including Hampshire Artists 2007. An e-mail arrived yesterday about it, so I’ve been thinking about that and I think we shall do it, even though I have issues with the way it is organised.

I also need to look at getting my work out there, one thing is I need to be starting new work as well, as most of the pieces I have now, are ‘left over’ from last year! There are a couple of the pieces that I didn’t sell that I really like, but there are a few now, that because they are still up on the walls I have discovered that I really do not like, and are really very poor compared to some of the other work I produced both at the time and since.

I have been looking around at other peoples work, and I need to look further at pieces which are framed and not worn.

I have been looking at Carol Naylor and Gill Drew, very different, but both are really lovely and so much detail. So if any of you have particular favourites that you think that I might be inspired by, please let me know!!!

Recently I have been spending so much time making corsages etc that I think I have been distracted too much, though that is not a bad thing sometimes. Recently I have had so much going on that I need to step back and pick out the important things, I think that makes sense 🙂

After tomorrow I will feel a bit better maybe. My son, who some of you know about, he has Aspergers, will have a visit from the Headteacher of the school we would like him to move to. I hope that once he has had that we can move onto the next step, and I can think about other things, things that I should be able to spend some time on.

So enough of the waffle, and I hope that I will have some new stuff soon.