more from the west country

This is taking an age, I’m trying to tidy and organise our spare room/office/workroom and I cannot believe how long it takes to put together Ikea cupboards!

Anyway in the process of tidying I have found some more of the things I bought while on holiday in Cornwall.

On the Tuesday we were away we went to Tavistock and the Pannier Market, and particulary to go to see Devon Woolies. We got there just in time, she was just clearing away, but I managed to get these..


and this is a close up of one piece


it is just washed fleece, but not carded and it makes all the difference, all these great curls, looking forward to using it, but I think I’m making my mincemeat tonight!

I will keep you all updated! I also am going to do this as seen on Julie’s blog šŸ™‚ Bit scary though, the inner nerd is going to burst out!