sometimes it’s easy

it really is, stuff flows naturally, and almost takes on a life of its own!

A couple of weeks ago, I made 4 tote bags, seems such a long time since I last made any!

It was probably before last Christmas, and having looked at some of them recently, you can definitely feel that, so I wanted to make some that were lighter and brighter in feel.

You could say almost summery, but if you are in the UK you know that summer has been cancelled, and all we have been left with is lots of the wet stuff!

But at least with these designs I can pretend that we have summer!
Also working on my first personalisation ideas for Not on the High Street, this is NOT easy, actually it is really quite hard, because I have very strong views on not diluting my designs, so making personalizing working within that is quite tricky. I’m onto my second idea, first one simply wasn’t going to work well enough, and when I have something to show you, I will!