getting up to speed

It seems incredible that the Olympics are about to end, and very sad.

I’m really proud to say that we took part as spectators, on the first day at Eton Dorney, we witnessed an Olympic record by Helen Glover and Heather Stanning in the first heat of the morning, and for them to go on to win Gold, it was an amazing feeling. It was a beautiful day, sunny with a little breeze, perfect regatta weather.

For me, when I was learning to row/scull, there were really no British female role models, and no British women had won gold prior to this Olympic regatta, so to be there and witness part of this huge step forward, was amazing.

Also the Olympics are tied into a change in my life, a new job!

I started last Monday, after having a week off to do stuff with the boys, and watch lots of sport! It was great to have a week with no pressure, and I made loads of felt while listening to the Olympics on 5Live : )

So, my new job, well it is a step up, it is more challenging, and stimulating, and come last Friday my brain was totally overwhelmed, but it was great and to be told that everything was going well, and they were pleased with my contribution, it was amazing, makes you have faith in people again, after putting up with quite a lot of rubbish in the past!
Another big benefit is the travel for the job, instead of doing a 60 mile round trip everyday, I will have a 4 miles round trip! And I can come home at lunchtime, whoooo!

So now, the Olympics are almost over, for the next two weekends, I will be taking part in Hampshire Open Studios, and for the third year I will be at Pennys studio in Whitchurch you can also find out more about the whole event here

I will have all my normal pieces available to buy, and limited edition tote bags too. I will also be doing felt making demos on 18th, 19th and 25th every afternoon. So please come down and see how I make felt, how we all work, and you will be able to buy our work too, so come and support your local designer/makers!