Last week I was ill, this is unusual, and I’m not very good at being ill, so other than watching tennis and Inspector Morse, I finished off some sewing. I’d made the first one, a couple of weeks ago, and just looked at it,

It is padded and quite lovely : ) It is 3″ deep and 6.5″ wide, and take most mobile phones and iPods beautifully!
I put it to one side because I wasn’t sure how I wanted to proceed with it.

Soon after I went to the Not on the High Street ‘Make, Do & Meet’ for some of their partners, I will admit that I was quite cynical about it, because I felt that I didn’t fit in, I don’t do personalised stuff, and I’m a tiny little designer/maker, but by the end I really felt totally differently and by the time I left I felt like I could make it work! So I came back home, and looked at the purse again, and everything I sell on there, and looked at how I could make it work better.

This is where I ended up by the end of last week,

(sorry about the photo quality)

So as you can see I have developed it quite a bit further! They are now ready to list, but the weather has been so bad and the lighting even worse, so I have been unable to photograph them : ( They come in 2 designs, poppy and leaf, and across 8 colours including my favorite sage needlecord.

These will be listed in my Not on the High Street shop as soon as I can photograph them, but they will be £19 including delivery, so in case you are interested in them prior to the launch, just drop a message below!