in every way, came back from work on Saturday feeling dreadful, rest of the family ill, so yesterday and today have been ill days : ( Finally feeling a little better this evening!

It is also blooming cold, and that is probably one of the things which has lead to me being ill, I have done quite a few things this year outdoors, and it really is sapping when you are not used to it, also I do tend to suffer from a sore throat and talking to people outdoors and constantly sucking in cold air, is not good for me! So lessons learnt!

Also, biting off more than I can chew, will I ever learn? I doubt it! I never did list anymore bags, and I’m really sorry that if any of you contacted me and I didn’t get back to you, my brain has been a bag of slush.
My Not On The High Street shop really took off with the corsages on there, which was fab, except of course that I had to make sure I fulfilled those orders, so sadly the Etsy shop suffered, sigh, can’t do it all : (

I have lots of new ideas that I want to work on.

But the next thing will be packing up all my stuff and moving downstairs, as the boys need to have a room each, and so I have to vacate what has been my room/spare room. So the living room will be my new home, with the under the stairs cupboard the fabric storage area, it is better than it sounds! Honestly!