December, already?

I searched for something on my blog yesterday, and realised that I hadn’t posted anything since the start of November, and honestly I can’t really how it is now December!

I seem to have been doing alot of these;

though this was taken at the first fair I did for this festive season!

I have also been to see a couple of bands, Spoon and Menomena, both was amazing, and fantastic. We saw Menomena this week, we were right at the front in really quite an intimate venue, so close that we could touch the drum kit! So pleased that we manage to get there before the weather took hold down here yesterday.

Yes, the snow is a pain,

I have the Winchester Art Market on Sunday, yes, an outside market, am I mad? Probably! I will be trying to photograph some corsages and pouches tomorrow, but no bags, so if you have seen one on the blog you would like, please tell me, because they will not get listed on Etsy before Christmas!

Right off to listen to the cricket!