back to felt

recently I have been making felt in the evening to relax, my day job has been quite hard work, and the boys, well I think you know all about that now!

Today my day job spun round and bit me on the arse, I have been pretty much full-time, now they want me to go back to my original hours, about 13 to 16 hours per week : ( A shame as I do really enjoy my job, and think I’m pretty good at it, however, this does mean that I have more time to do my own stuff again, so another positive for evening felt making!

So more of these,

there is something so soothing about all aspects of making my corsages, the making of the felt, cutting it, choosing the pearls, and making it up, no stress, just nice : )

and the felt is so soft!

silk and merino, lovely to work with, and hopefully you will be seeing alot more of them, and I will finally get them and my bags back on Etsy!