picking up speed

that’s what it feels like, over the past 6 months I have barely blogged, didn’t use my sewing machine for 5 months and making felt seemed like a long way off.

So even though I’m not doing that much, I do feel like I’m picking up speed!

I bought some tiny mother of pearl buttons,

they are teeny tiny! And more importantly I have put my Etsy shop back online, and filled it with stock I would like to sell to clear the way for new designs. So I have a summer sale! Whooo!

Today I want to make/create, work on ideas, and do some of the boring sewing stuff, but definitely moving forward!

On another matter, we went and saw Inception a couple of nights ago, and blimey charlie it was AMAZING!!! I want to try and go and see it at the IMAX cinema in Southampton this week, I can’t wait!