Happy New Year and all that!

So this is the fourth time I have come into the New Year with my blog, seems like only yesterday that I was starting to write it and not knowing what to write about : ) Hmmm is now really any different?!

I have been looking back over what I have done, and what is coming up, and I realised that I forgot quite a major thing from last year, namely Handm@de Winchester! I really did enjoy organising it, even though I didn’t sell that much, I think because I looked like a startled bunny for most of the day!

My current dilemma over running it again in July is time, I will have to be spending a great deal of time over the next few months on getting Edward a place at the right secondary school for him, rather than the one we have been offered.
So what do I do? I want to do one in the summer, and then one in November, but will I have the time/energy to do it properly? Any feedback would be much appreciated!

I also now have 2 online shops to maintain, Etsy and Not on the High Street, and potentially Folksy : ) So time is becoming much harder for me to manage, so I guess this explains the recent lack of posts on here and in general online, so sorry about that.

In previous years I have made hopeful predictions on my sales, 2009, was not as good as I hoped it would be. Though the fairs I did in the lead up to Christmas I sold more that any previous year, so that was good.

So this year, no predictions, that way I can’t beat myself over it, I have the figures if I need them, so it will stay that way : )

So one last Christmas thing,


This is one of Williams Christmas presents! A Gingerbread Christmas Tree to make, including sweets, icing, base, well everything! Daddy and William loved making it!!!

So I hope that over the next few weeks I can start designing and creating some great stuff again!