an old design…

…but with a twist, I guess!

Onto that in a minute, but firstly stuff about the shops I run online : )

Etsy has been wonderful for me, I have sent my items all over the world, to places I can only dream of going, and to have a little piece of me in these places fills me full of joy! However there are limits to the power of Etsy, especially in this country, I want to sell more items here, and if many people haven’t heard of Etsy, even fewer have heard of Folksy : (
But now I have my Not on the High Street shop which has opened up some new opportunities, including a slightly different way of selling my items.

In the past I have made bags of my choice/design, then listed them on Etsy, and hope they sell, for some this has been great, other bags not so good! So with NOTHS (sorry I simply cannot write it full length again!) I will be making bags to order, and with customers able to have bags with their choices of base fabric, and the colour of the embroidered pattern, here is an example,


It is this design, but now on denim, and I think it works really well! So what I will be offering for this design is three or four different base colours with the same number of different colour choices for the berries, does that make sense?

Some colours will be limited, as I will not always be able to source some of the linens, but I want to give some more choice and also potentially some level of personalisation as an optional extra.

I’m still going to use Etsy, but I will be selling on there my one-off pieces, as I’m not going to stop doing what I like as well! I’m going to use Folksy I think as my shop for selling old lines/seconds if that makes sense. That way I can hopefully keep my head sorted for all the designing and making I love to do!

Any feedback would be much appreciated : )