more goodies!

this week has been a goodie filled week, yay!


these lovelies are from Laura, aka Lupin/Bugs & Fishes, I was her 2300th sale on Etsy, what a number! So I got a few more little goodies to play with : )

Getting these are helped with my ideas of things I can do at craft fairs and on my Etsy shop, of offering little felting kits. While I did Open Studios this year, it was something that I really wished I could have offered, as I think I would have sold quite a few! So this is something to add to the list, another thing!

Currently listening to Mariachi El Bronx, we saw them at ATP in May, and they were great, and for some reason it had a really profound effect on me, we were right at the front, and it was a great experience.
In a weird way it made me appreciate what I have with John, and being there with him and without the boys was a fantastic experience, and one that I think all couples with children should try to have, that you are first a couple, before a family, and that everyone needs time together. Sometimes that has to be away, my Mum and Dad used to have weekends away, and my Nana would come and look after us, and it was really great. We had a change of scene with Nana, and Mum and Dad had some time for themselves without constantly being bugged by us.

So don’t forget how you came to be a family in the first place!!

and I almost forgot!

Tra-la my pattern is now available to download : )