rough and the smooth

yesterday was the Farmers Market in Winchester, which is always lovely, I got this,


it is an ornamental gourd and I have bought it as a prop for some new products photos, I love the smoothness of the skin, and the prickliness of the stalk, more than just rough.

Also the colour is so lovely, milky white and flecks of green, very inspiring tones.

I also bought lots of other veggies, cakes, bread etc, and of course some beer from here. There seems something quite funny bringing home beer in a 2 litre poly bottle, the sort you would normally buy milk in!

We had a lovely tea, of shepherds pie, then apple crumble, and I have to say, I felt like a beached whale!

Today I received a lovely treat in the post, from Julia who won the bag a couple of weeks ago,


a parcel fulls of lovely treats, including a bag each for the boys, these are going to be handed over tomorrow when my brain is in gear, and ready for why one needs sharks more than turtles, and the other way round of course! So thank you very much Julia, it is always a delight receiving goodies in the post : )