large it is then!

so yes, the answer was large, and a big one at that!

So a large thank you to you all for helping me with this. I have taken on-board all the comments, your opinions, and I have to say, it does all makes sense! So when I have re-done them all, I will let you see them!

So the winner is……………….. Julie! What is it with variations of that name?? But as always I used the random number generator to pick no.31 : )

So if you could let me know if you have a favourite colour, and I will see if I have a suitable corsage to match it!


I’m really only now feeling like sewing with any passion, the cold I have that started last Saturday is now on its last legs thankfully, though I have managed to pass it back to John, oops : )

I’m working on some new adjustable strap bags, this time in a range of coloured canvas, really nice, some pouches, more corsages etc!

The threads above were my bargain of the week, from our local charity shop, 16 reels for a fiver! Very pleased with myself, I now want to get some vintage large cotton reels to use as props, so boot sales and eBay here I come!