which one

I have never been happy with the way I display my corsages, you can’t have them loose, but putting them on card stops people being able to hold them up against themselves to see how they look, so in time for my Christmas fairs, and other potential stuff happening, enough was enough!

I had thought about moo minicards, but, I tried it, and it looked weird, so I thought I would try with the buff packing labels I use when I wrap and send items off.

So lets go, large one first,


So with this one there is plenty of room for any written info, and it looks nice, but on a table display, all that card takes up lots of room! So here is the small one,


as you can see only the end with the hole sticks out at all, so someone can pick it up and hold it against themselves, but still have it on a piece of card.

This is a comparison on sizes,


I feel that the smaller one is better, will give more room on a display, they can be hung up, and people can actually see them against themselves, but I NEED your help!

What do you think, hey, to encourage you a corsage will be sent to one of the lucky people who leaves a comment, offer closes midnight (BST) tomorrow, Friday!! Thank you : )

ps one of the reason for using these labels is then all I need to do is punch the holes, so I don’t really want to be cutting stuff out : ) Thanks for the ideas though!