old but new

I was really very shocked when I looked back at when I made my first knitting bag and then when I decided to start to make some for the shop….. it was six months ago!!!! So if any of you have been waiting, I’m very sorry!

So here they are, well almost!

I will not be able to photograph these ‘properly’ until Saturday at the earliest, so they will not be on Etsy until then either.
So what I’m suggesting is this, if anyone would like any of these bags before they reach Etsy please let me know and we can sort something out, either via Etsy or direct on here, does that make sense?

Ok, here we go,




The dummy they are photographed on is a child size one!
The dimensions are the same for all three and are 14″ across, by 13″ tall and 4.25″ deep. All bags have two pockets inside, one small and one large,


and they are have a soft linen yarn bag with a drawstring closure which measures 14″ x 11.5″,


The bags are all £30 plus £1.75 P&P, for anyone else contact me and I’ll do a straight conversion for you : )

I think this is a fair way to do it, and lets see how it goes!