listening to

music, and podcasts, and stuff : )

When I visit peoples blogs, quite often they have music players on them and scare me when I’ve opened a tab but are not yet looking and suddenly music starts, or they have a list of what they are listening to, as you have noticed, I don’t!

Not because I don’t like music, far from that actually, I just don’t know how you do that : ) When I’m on IM people can see what I’m listening to, and I’ve sure they probably think I have very odd tastes : )

On the music front I have been listening to Spoon, Elbow and Eagles of Death Metal all are great, but very different, go have listen!

And then on the podcast front, well I have Adam and Joe, Daily Mayo, ABC Lost, and more Simon Mayo in the form of the Kermode Film Review which is always a top form of wittertainment! If you don’t know any of these, or just don’t know about podcasts, check it out, so much stuff sitting there waiting to be heard and enjoyed.

Sewing, er yes, well I’m in the middle of finishing the knitting bags! I hope you were all sitting down to read that! Also I have moved some more stuff to my Folksy shop, so go have a look and buy in sterling!