three things

I have to say I will start with the most important one first, and considering all the lovely and heartfelt comments I think you will be able to guess what this is!

Baggy is home! We collected him yesterday, lots of money was parted company with, the vet explained what we need to do, and that most of all he needs quiet and lots of love : )

So that is the wound, not that clear, but you can see how much of his upper body is has affected, the sewn wound is 4″ long, but he seems quite comfortable and when he wants to gt to some food nothing is going to hold him back : )
He has taken all his medicine quite happily and so far so good. We have to go to the vets tomorrow, so they can check his wound, and then we will have a few more checkups over the next few weeks.
The main problem in a way is just making sure he doesn’t try to do anything silly, like try to go up and downstairs, jump on a chair etc, so we are having to keep an eye on him all the time unless he is soundly asleep! Thank god the boys go back to school next week!

Ok, so that is the first bit of good news, secondly I have made the draw for winning the quilt!!!!

and the winner is……..

number 15 – Donna!

She doesn’t have a blog, so I will mail her later for her address : ) Thank you all for entering, I may do another one closer to Christmas.

And talking of Christmas, due the past few weeks I am so far behind with my sewing : (

Sewhip is into the shops today, so hello if you are finding me for the first time! I had wanted to do an update for the shop to tie in with that, I also have my first fair a week on Sunday, the one in Oxford! argghhhhhhhhhhh, so I will be a busy bee for the next week!

But I would like to say once again thank you for the wonderful comments you have all left over the past week, we have all really appreciated them, it has made a huge difference to us, thank you!