war and peace

Thanks for all the lovely comments, I will make sure my father in law reads all the lovely things : )

I guess reading back I have managed to achieve a fair amount, it doesn’t feel like it though, I finished off four bags yesterday, and more to do today, but I thought I would clear War and Peace first! So lets begin!

Even though Edward is only in Year Five, he turns 10 this year, I have to decide what secondary school he goes to by February.This is when he has his annual review, this is because he has a Statement of Special Educational Needs, and he is at a special needs school, so I have been looking at the options.

This has been really traumatic, and scary, because choosing a secondary school for Edward is potentially deciding what will happen over the rest of his life, well that is how it feels to me.

So I have found there are two mainstream schools in Hampshire which have ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) Units, so I have organised to visit these, even though one quite clearly informed me that they have NEVER taken a child from a special needs school.
So I got very stressed out about this, especially as the secondary school that feeds from his primary school I have not heard anything positive about it from parents, and after speaking to the Head I wasn’t much encouraged.
So then on Wednesday we went to the Harvest Festival at Edward’s school, which was great, but watching him, and his interaction with other children made me realise that throwing him into a mainstream school of 1200 children really was not what would be best for him.
So after the festival I had a chat with the Head about the possibilities for Edward, and his continuing education, and really she confirmed what I had started to feel, and that he sometimes has problems with the number of people there, and that is 50 children and about 30 members of staff, so going to a school with 1200 children would be far too much.
So I spent most of the time in tears, but by the end of the tears I knew that I couldn’t pretend, and I had to look at what is best for Edward, and my hopes and aspirations for him have to come second.

So that is still ongoing, and I will let you know what happens with that, William is doing well, and I don’t want to tempt fate by suggesting anything more than that!

Me, well I had my cauterisation of the cervix yesterday, and it was fine, the most painful bit was having the coil removed! And I knew it was over by the smell!

So remember don’t worry, get it checked out!

And lastly, my sister is in hospital having her gall bladder removed, so we hope that this will the end to all the pain that started last year, so I’ll let you know how that goes!

When I started this blog I never thought I would be blogging about eroded and burnt cervixes, gall bladders and all sorts of medical thingys!!