bags and bobs

well another mad week is coming to an end!

Some updates, my sister had her op, and it was a great success which after last year was a great relief to all of us. She had it done by keyhole, and the day surgery department in Winchester was very efficient, I dropped her off at 7.30am and she was ready by 3pm! Very impressive!

I’m still ok after my thing, no soreness at all, I guess it is just irritating that I will have some discharge for 3 weeks : ( But it will be better than what I had before!

I’ve finished 10 bags this week, and completed one commissioned one as well, another one to do this weekend, which is really very late!

So they will hopefully all be going into the shop over the weekend, I hope if the weather can stay good enough for some decent photos.

I have also progressed a little with Edward and schools, thanks for all the lovely comments by the way, I will reply soon, I promise! I now have visits lined up for 4 schools, 2 mainstream with ASD units, and 2 special needs schools. So being positive, and having faith in that will will get the best for him.

We have a review meeting about William next Friday, so fingers crossed on that.
So everything is ok, I think, but don’t want to tempt fate!!