a week of not enough

It doesn’t surprise me that it has been a week since I last did a new entry on here, it seems to have been non-stop here, but in the process of that, not enough has been achieved.

I have made another quilt,

I made this to give a better indication of the puckering effect that you get when washing the finished quilt, photographing it has not been as easy as making it! This one measures about 13″ by 10.5″. I love the way they look and feel, and it is an encouragement to me to make a bigger one, but I have so much other stuff to do first!

I have also ordered some new fabric, including this one,

I love it! I have it in three colourways, and so this get added to the stash to be looked at, and dared to be cut into! (Edit – I forgot to say where it came from, duh! It came from here)

So they were the sewing related items, as well as the first week of the quilting on the course, which I think went well, but I do see what I could do better to help people, and to be able to understand what I think is easy, but maybe be harder for other people to visualise. So it has been a learning experience for all of us.

I also had this made for me,

by my father in law, as you can see I already almost filled it, I only got it yesterday! It is great, especially as I can keep the bobbins and spools together, and see that I really don’t need to buy anymore greens!

So that really is all the sewing stuff, the rest has been more difficult, but I will save that for another post, I don’t want to make this one War and Peace, or spoil the good vibes!!

And look bags, almost complete!!