no end in sight!

I’m referring to William that is, he is back at school today, and he screamed all the way about not wanting to go! And then he fell over on purpose in the middle of playground, so more people looking at me with him laying on the ground screaming! And no poo! Argghhhhhh!

It must cause him pain, and I’d like to think it is what is making him so horrid at the moment, because he is being foul, just horrible : (

So thank you for all your ideas, we have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning and I’m going to ask about being referred back to the hospital, and about allergies etc. He does really like Kiwis Florence, so I will get some later : )

Right lets think about something else, something sorted!


know what it is?


nice detail, don’t you think, lets roll it open a little : )


I’m sure you can guess what it is now!


oh yes, it is a knitting needle roll! and of course I have no knitting needles to put in it to demonstrate it!

and here is fully open,


I should have finished this a couple of days ago, but due to the pooing situation I had not finished it, but at last it is done, and I should be able to deliver it to the lucky lady tomorrow, hope she likes it!


and I also managed to find at great use for this fantastic fabric!!!