I love breakfast when someone else does it! Full english, fruit, pastries, etc etc, so over the weekend I managed a breakfast out everyday, yay!


The plate you can see, is Williams leftovers! He has worked out what you do at a breakfast buffet too! Fry-up bit, then some fruit, then pastries, some juice, and then maybe a little bit more! It is so nice, and relaxing, not how breakfast normally is in our house!


The mushrooms are all mine, that is another thing! The boys really don’t like mushrooms, and I’ve tried to hide them in food, but they always find them! And I love them, in every form, and I love them as part of breakfast!

So yes breakfast were great, as was all of the food, except for one : ( Now I know we had tried it the last time, but I forgot that it wasn’t that great, and this time it was worse : ( So if you are going to Center Parcs at Longleat, don’t bother with The Pancake House, especially not the Saturday buffet, not good at all, very disappointed, especially considering the price of it. But everything else good, Tapas place very good!