back again, from the weekend of weird weather! We left Williams school at 3.20, and by 4.10 we were driving in blizzard conditions on the way to Center Parcs at Longleat, did I miss something?!

Now normally I don’t watch the weather, or pay much attention, however I did check, and no, didn’t see any snow, until it hit our windscreen!!!

I do not have any photos of that evening, due to the following things;

a. I was driving, originally, and finding villa without crashing on very slippery, steep hills that the location is blooming full of!

b. then unloading car without falling on my arse, I only just managed it!

c. then driving car back to car park, praising the lord for being dark, so I couldn’t see quite how much of a hill I was driving up, and having ABS.

d. then walking back to said villa with my parents in law, who of course were very sensibly dressed, me in best leather boots, and ground skimming jeans, who had to turn up jeans (the shame) and then get back to villa to discover that the dampness on my feet, wasn’t a little, but soaked (almost tears). Had to borrow mother in laws water-proof shoes,


So here they are, and also left overs of the snow!

So yes, there is a photo!

Here is a nicer photo of the Saturday morning the steaming redwoods,


This was just behind our villa, really stunning that morning, I will try to do another post later, not about me crying over lovely boots, and not steaming trees!